Level 10 Shadow Puzzle

1 Pic 1 Word: Shadow Puzzle! answers are online! Find them all over here.
1 Pic 1 Word: Shadow Puzzle! is created by Second Gear Games. You have to guess an object by it’s shadow. The picuture is scrambled so that makes it harder to guess the right word. We want to help you if you are stuck. Just check out all levels over here.

Level 10-1: Barney
Level 10-2: Dora
Level 10-3: Homer
Level 10-4: Snoopy
Level 10-5: Superman
Level 10-6: Asterix
Level 10-7: Smurf
Level 10-8: Snowwhite
Level 10-9: Porkypig
Level 10-10: Garfield
Level 10-11: Droopy
Level 10-12: Bugsbunny
Level 10-13: Kyle
Level 10-14: Rafiki
Level 10-15: Betty
Level 10-16: Goofy
Level 10-17: Pebbles
Level 10-18: Krusty
Level 10-19: Scar
Level 10-20: Wilma
Level 10-21: The Grinch
Level 10-22: Pikachu
Level 10-23: Marge
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