Celebrity quiz – Guess the star! Pack 4

Do you know all celebrities? Do you recognize all stars from Hollywood? Find all answers over here.
People become celebrities in a wide range of ways, movies, media, fame, fortune.
In this game you have to guess which celebrity it is. We help you with all solutions if you are stuck. Find level pack 4 below.

Level 1: Sting
Level 2: Pamela Anderson
Level 3: Steve Carell
Level 4: Martin Lawrence
Level 5: Liza Minnelli
Level 6: James Brown
Level 7: Tyra Banks
Level 8: Wayne Rooney
Level 9: Woody Harrelson
Level 10: Fergie
Level 11: Kevin Spacey
Level 12: Kim Kardashian
Level 13: Billy Crystal
Level 14: Avril Lavigne
Level 15: Christian Bale
Level 16: Stevie Wonder
Level 17: Salma Hayek
Level 18: Slash
Level 19: Samuel L Jackson
Level 20: Michael Bolton
Level 21: Lionel Richie
Level 22: Copperfield
Level 23: Fernando Alonso
Level 24: Dicaprio
Level 25: Neymar