Anime Quiz Answers, Solutions and Cheats

Anime Quiz Solutions with answers all levels. The Anime Quiz kidnapped you in the entertaining world of cartoons and comics. Also this photo quiz and trivia game comes from Guillaume Coulbaux that in recent weeks, apparently had it’s productive phase. As many as five games has released in a short time the publisher. The Anime Quiz like us, like all games of Coulbaux good, the game is in English, however. That does not bother with most issues do not, but some of the answers must be entered in the original English name. “Winnie the Pooh” is a typical example. Otherwise, the puzzle game currently offers seven levels, each with 12 questions. 84 Cartoons and Comics are waiting so be prepared to recognize all correctly by you. Should you sometimes get stuck, we will help you with our solution. Have fun with the game.

Anime Quiz Level 1
Picture 1: Dragon Ballz
Picture 2: The Simpsons
Picture 3: One Piece
Picture 4: Sailor Moon
Picture 5: South Park
Picture 6: Princesse Sarah
Picture 7: Grendizer
Picture 8: Saint Seiya
Picture 9: City Hunter
Picture 10: Cowboy Bebop
Picture 11: Captain Tsubasa
Picture 12: Hokuto no Ken

Anime Quiz Level 2
Picture 1: Evangelion
Picture 2: Dennis the Menace
Picture 3: Attacker You
Picture 4: Yu Gi Oh
Picture 5: Slam Dunk
Picture 6: TaleSpin
Picture 7: Cats Eye
Picture 8: Candy Candy
Picture 9: Naruto
Picture 10: DuckTales
Picture 11: Captain Future
Picture 12: Samurai Champloo

Anime Quiz Level 3
Picture 1: SpongeBob
Picture 2: Babar
Picture 3: Remi Sans Famille
Picture 4: Ulysse 31
Picture 5: Captain Harlock
Picture 6: The Gummi Bears
Picture 7: The Littles
Picture 8: Bleach
Picture 9: Batman
Picture 10: Totally Spies
Picture 11: Marsupilami
Picture 12: Winnie the Pooh

Anime Quiz Level 4
Picture 1: Fairy Tail
Picture 2: Ranma One Half
Picture 3: The Flinstones
Picture 4: Dragon Ball
Picture 5: Love Hina
Picture 6: Lady Oscar
Picture 7: GTO
Picture 8: Inspector Gadget
Picture 9: Scooby Doo
Picture 10: Denver
Picture 11: Futurama
Picture 12: Tweety & Sylvester

Anime Quiz Level 5
Picture 1: Cobra
Picture 2: Tom Sawyer
Picture 3: Hellsing
Picture 4: Max et Compagnie
Picture 5: Escaflowne
Picture 6: Rahan
Picture 7: TMNT
Picture 8: Hunter x Hunter
Picture 9: American Dad
Picture 10: Pokemon
Picture 11: Death Note
Picture 12: Eyeshield 21

Anime Quiz Level 6
Picture 1: Dragon Quest
Picture 2: Case closed
Picture 3: Creepy Crawlers
Picture 4: Fruits Basket
Picture 5: Rg Veda
Picture 6: Bouli
Picture 7: The Care Bears
Picture 8: FLCL
Picture 9: Chobits
Picture 10: Sakura
Picture 11: Barbapapa
Picture 12: Heidi

Anime Quiz Level 7
Picture 1: Galaxy Express 999
Picture 2: Wingman
Picture 3: Digimon
Picture 4: Rugrats
Picture 5: Popples
Picture 6: Wacky Races
Picture 7: ThunderCats
Picture 8: Kinnikuman
Picture 9: Astro Boy
Picture 10: Video Girl Ai
Picture 11: Claymore
Picture 12: Slayers

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