Level 1 Shadow pop

Answers for the game Shadow pop are available!
Can you guess the character? Peter Gilmour created Shadow pop to let you guess which well known character has been shown. If you don’t have the right solution we will help you. Find level 1 over here.

Answer level 1-1: MickeyMouse
Answer level 1-2: Snoopy
Answer level 1-3: Piglet
Answer level 1-4: Stewie
Answer level 1-5: Spongebob
Answer level 1-6: Batman
Answer level 1-7: Garfield
Answer level 1-8: Krusty
Answer level 1-9: Scoobydoo
Answer level 1-10: Bart
Answer level 1-11: Catdog
Answer Level 1-12: Bender
Answer Level 1-13: Hellokitty
Answer Level 1-14: Shrek
Answer Level 1-15: Nemo
Answer Level 1-16: Sonic
Answer Level 1-17: Homer
Answer Level 1-18: Aladdin
Answer Level 1-19: Tigger
Answer Level 1-20: Bugsbunny

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