Zoom! Answers – Magnified Pics Level 201-231

Zoom! – Magnified Pics all Answers, cheats and solutions are online. We already had placed the Dutch version but now we also got the English version. Zoom! – Magnified Pics is a game for iPhone and iPad created by Gabriel Silviu Stefan.
In this game you have to guess zoomed in pictures. You get a picture of an object, animal or person and you have to guess what it is. Because it is sometimes very difficult to see what it is we are going to help you, we have all the answers available and we want to share them with you. Find the solution if you are stuck and do not know what to do.

Level 201: Skipping rope
Level 202: Chimpanzee
Level 203: Basil
Level 204: Dominoes
Level 205: Ostrich
Level 206: White house
Level 207: Ruby
Level 208: Whale
Level 209: Cufflinks
Level 210: Dragonfly
Level 211: Diamond
Level 212: Puma
Level 213: Chain
Level 214: Lego
Level 215: Sheep
Level 216: Igloo
Level 217: Exhaust
Level 218: Corkscrew
Level 219: Cobra
Level 220: Binoculars
Level 221: Canary
Level 222: Briefcase
Level 223: Baboon
Level 224: Trophy
Level 225: Chocolate
Level 226: Turtle
Level 227: Syringe
Level 228: Spider web
Level 229: Axe
Level 230: Reindeer
Level 231: Fireworks