Guess The Intro Level 121-150 Answers

Answers level 121-150 Guess The Intro.
Guess The Intro is a game by Edward Moyse. You have to guess what the missing text is. When you are stuck we will help you with all answers that you can find below.

Level 121: Someone like you
Level 122: Torn
Level 123: Telephone
Level 124: Star Wars
Level 125: Paradise
Level 126: All that jazz
Level 127: Save tonight
Level 128: Whats my name
Level 129: I do it for you
Level 130: Stacey’s Mom
Level 131: Super Mario
Level 132: Sweet Dreams
Level 133: Rain over me
Level 134: Harlem shake
Level 135: Pump it
Level 136: Superstition
Level 137: Titanium
Level 138: How To Save A Life
Level 139: Candy Shop
Level 140: Imagine
Level 141:
Level 142: Find your love
Level 143: No one
Level 144: Firestarter
Level 145: Baby got back
Level 146: Layla
Level 147: Dynamite
Level 148: It’s like that
Level 149: Rehab
Level 150: Wonderwall
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