Level 1-20

Find all answers Whats that Phrase? on this website. If you don’t know an answer we want to help you to next level.
Level 1 – 20 are findable below.

Level 1: Diet coke
Level 2: Undercover cop
Level 3: Quite right
Level 4: Round edges
Level 5: Tuna fish
Level 6: Microscope
Level 7: For instance
Level 8: Broken promise
Level 9: Up for grabs
Level 10: Too funny for words

Level 11: Equal right
Level 12: Too intense
Level 13: Your time is up!
Level 14: Breakfast
Level 15: Shiftings gears
Level 16: Paradise
Level 17: Scrambled eggs
Level 18: Skate on thin ice
Level 19: Mountain
Level 20: Bad intention

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