5 Fifth

Hollow Words answers are online. 5 Fifth.
Hollow Words by James Porters will give you a visual presentation of text and you have to guess the phrase or word. Do you know all correct answers? Are you able to move on to the next puzzle? Just check out all answers over here.

Level 1: Across
Level 2: Free for all
Level 3: Deep end
Level 4: Overboard
Level 5: Circle the drain
Level 6: Prevent
Level 7: Uphill battle
Level 8: Step ladder
Level 9: Bargain
Level 10: Break the ice
Level 11: Half full
Level 12: Out on a limb
Level 13: Tall order
Level 14: Chart
Level 15: Two cents
Level 16: Red in the face
Level 17: Shoot hoops
Level 18: Flip out
Level 19: Blanket
Level 20: Pit stop
Level 21: Nutcracker
Level 22: Chin
Level 23: Eavesdropping
Level 24: Up for grabs
Level 25: Back to square one

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