Pic Combo this plus that Answers Level 22

Again a superb game from Conversion LLC, here it is Pic Combo This Plus That. In this game you have to guess all words by combining two words from the clue. They are showing you 2 images and you have to use both images to answer that level. It’s just a funny game and we want to help you to beat all levels and see what all pictues mean. We already gave you the 20 first levels and now the update is online. Game is just free for ios, ipod, ipad and android.

If you are stuck on This plus That you can find all answers here. We help you to cheat. Find also all video’s online.
Find here level 22

Answer 1: Dogfight
Answer 2: Battleship
Answer 3: Breadbox
Answer 4: Kickboxing
Answer 5: Downfall
Answer 6: Pantry
Answer 7: Seesaw
Answer 8: BarnYard
Answer 9: Cartoon
Answer 10: Cartwheel
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