Picture Quiz : Shadows Level 11 Answers

Picture Quiz : Shadows Level 11. Find all answers below.
Picture Quiz : Shadows is packed with pictures and images to keep you busy and to offer you a wonderfull Trivia puzzle. Developed by Ant IT Apps.
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15 levels with mysterious shadows of animals, brands, charactersplants – fruits, movies, cities and the other.

Picture 1: Avatar
Picture 2: Owl
Picture 3: NBC
Picture 4: Timon
Picture 5: Sheep
Picture 6: Weight
Picture 7: Screwdriver
Picture 8: Leonardo
Picture 9: Apple
Picture 10: Alf
Picture 11: Excel
Picture 12: Fiona
Picture 13: Door
Picture 14: Cake
Picture 15: Gramophone
Picture 16: Brian Griffin
Picture 17: England
Picture 18: Gollum
Picture 19: Spock
Picture 20: Folder
Picture 21: Opel
Picture 22: Mowlgy
Picture 23: Dolphin
Picture 24: Athene
Picture 25: Angel
Picture 26: Waldo
Picture 27: Las Vegas
Picture 28: Dee dee
Picture 29: Pear
Picture 30: Tarzan
Picture 31: Abacus
Picture 32: Powerpuff Girls

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