Mosaic: Silhouettes Quiz! Answers level 9

Mosaic: Silhouettes Quiz! By Second Gear Games is a game for iphone, ipad and android. Can you guess all objects by it’s silhouette? We will help you with this word quiz games, we have the solution for you. Find all answers level 9 below.

Level 9-1: Rhino
Level 9-2: Rowboat
Level 9-3: Clothespin
Level 9-4: Drop
Level 9-5: Frog
Level 9-6: Chimpanzee
Level 9-7: Mill
Level 9-8: Glasses
Level 9-9: Kangaroo
Level 9-10: Car
Level 9-11: Mansion
Level 9-12: Castle
Level 9-13: Pattern
Level 9-14: Pineapple
Level 9-15: Hamburger
Level 9-16: Fence
Level 9-17: Star
Level 9-18: Actress
Level 9-19: Lamb
Level 9-20: Needle

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