Zoom! Answers – Magnified Pics Level 51-100

Zoom! – Magnified Pics all Answers, cheats and solutions are online. We already had placed the Dutch version but now we also got the English version. Zoom! – Magnified Pics is a game for iPhone and iPad created by Gabriel Silviu Stefan.
In this game you have to guess zoomed in pictures. You get a picture of an object, animal or person and you have to guess what it is. Because it is sometimes very difficult to see what it is we are going to help you, we have all the answers available and we want to share them with you. Find the solution if you are stuck and do not know what to do.

Level 51: Tiramisu
Level 52: Lemon
Level 53: Glove
Level 54: Hamster
Level 55: Eggs
Level 56: Lens
Level 57: Basketball
Level 58: Tarantula
Level 59: Watermelon
Level 60: Cookie
Level 61: Dolphin
Level 62: Chilli
Level 63: Ant
Level 64: Pine cone
Level 65: Colosseum
Level 66: Cucumber
Level 67: Grapefruit
Level 68: Owl
Level 69: Fork
Level 70: Rice
Level 71: Tulip
Level 72: Sea lion
Level 73: Spaghetti
Level 74: Asparagus
Level 75: Boots
Level 76: Candy
Level 77: Koala
Level 78: Thermometer
Level 79: Caviar
Level 80: Ladybug
Level 81: Popcorn
Level 82: Boxing gloves
Level 83: Starfish
Level 84: Cinnamon
Level 85: Leopard
Level 86: Apple
Level 87: Waffle
Level 88: Credit card
Level 89: Goose
Level 90: Kiwi
Level 91: Lock
Level 92: Orchid
Level 93: Toothbrush
Level 94: Snail
Level 95: Violin
Level 96: Sphinx
Level 97: Towel
Level 98: Muffin
Level 99: Pill
Level 100: Zuchinni