Level 61-80

Find all answers Whats that Phrase? on this website. If you don’t know an answer we want to help you to next level.
Level 61 – 80 are findable below.

Level 61: Metaphor
Level 62: White tiger
Level 63: Think big
Level 64: Man overboard
Level 65: Extended family
Level 66: Top hat
Level 67: Fair and square
Level 68: Once upon a time
Level 69: Flat tire
Level 70: Crossfire

Level 71: Be inspired
Level 72: Ready for anything
Level 73: Tall order
Level 74: Leftovers
Level 75: Next to nothing
Level 76: Space invader
Level 77: Fading point
Level 78: Up to no good
Level 79: Forehead
Level 80: Sideshow

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