Level 81-100

All answers In Yo’ Face – Zoomed In Celebrity Photo Game!!
In this game you have to guess famous celebs from zoomed in pictures. We show you every picture with the name of the celebs who it is. Every answer is available!

Level 81: Miley Cyrus
Level 82: Paris Hilton
Level 83: Mariah Carey
Level 84: Russell Brand
Level 85: The Situation
Level 86: Robert Downey JR
Level 87: Robert Deniro
Level 88: D Wade
Level 89: Danny Devito
Level 90: Tiger Woods

Level 91: Taylor Lautner
Level 92: Drake
Level 93: Oprah
Level 94: Christian Bale
Level 95: Colbert
Level 96: Ryan Reynolds
Level 97: Jimmy Fallon
Level 98: Megan Fox
Level 99: Penelope
Level 100: Ben Stiller