Level 4 Shadow Puzzle

1 Pic 1 Word: Shadow Puzzle! answers are online! Find them all over here.
1 Pic 1 Word: Shadow Puzzle! is created by Second Gear Games. You have to guess an object by it’s shadow. The picuture is scrambled so that makes it harder to guess the right word. We want to help you if you are stuck. Just check out all levels over here.

Level 4-1: Fish
Level 4-2: Agenda
Level 4-3: Clouds
Level 4-4: Bucket
Level 4-5: Ladder
Level 4-6: Hand
Level 4-7: Bow
Level 4-8: Lightbulb
Level 4-9: Map
Level 4-10: Tree
Level 4-11: Hourglass
Level 4-12: Mirror
Level 4-13: Cross
Level 4-14: Cow
Level 4-15: Gramaphone
Level 4-16: Lock
Level 4-17: Garbage bin
Level 4-18: Duck
Level 4-19: Level
Level 4-20: Helmet

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