Level 41-60

Find all answers Whats that Phrase? on this website. If you don’t know an answer we want to help you to next level.
Level 41 – 60 are findable below.

Level 41: Summary
Level 42: Paintless operation
Level 43: Sea water
Level 44: Potato
Level 45: Break the ice
Level 46: Before
Level 47: Ice cube
Level 48: Two in one
Level 49: Falling star
Level 50: All over again

Level 51: Tricycle
Level 52: Get in touch
Level 53: Diamond ring
Level 54: Comfortable
Level 55: Sunrise
Level 56: Down to earth
Level 57: No one to blame
Level 58: Greenhouse gas
Level 59: Double vision
Level 60: Reverse spin

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