A Phrase Game – Guess the Catchphrases Answers level 51-100

Do you know all phrases? Find the solution and answers here. A Phrase Game – Guess the Catchphrases is created by ThinkCube Inc. and is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices. If you are stuck and need help you can find the guide right here. We will help you answering all levels!!

Level 51: Split three ways
Level 52: Hair dryer
Level 53: Thirty years
Level 54: Low blow
Level 55: All tied up
Level 56: Eyes in the back of my head
Level 57: Dancing in the dark
Level 58: Im in between jobs
Level 59: Eye of the needle
Level 60: Cant see the forest for trees
Level 61: You are ahead of the game
Level 62: Open for business
Level 63: Rock bottom
Level 64: Reeses pieces
Level 65: Split level homes
Level 66: Strawberry shortcake
Level 67: Change our minds
Level 68: Half time performance
Level 69: Travel overseas
Level 70: Horse whisperer
Level 71: Strong undertow
Level 72: Split right down the middle
Level 73: Arch enemies
Level 74: Shop till you drop
Level 75: Family planning
Level 76: Dashing for home
Level 77: Having the last word
Level 78: Two step Texas
Level 79: Down to earth
Level 80: Hair split
Level 81: That is beside the point
Level 82: Eaten alive
Level 83: The lesser of two evils
Level 84: Parting of the ways
Level 85: Ten below zero
Level 86: Beaten at the wire
Level 87: A pound of flesh
Level 88: Stretching the truth
Level 89: Be on time
Level 90: Lurking in the shadows
Level 91: T Bone
Level 92: Dreaming of a white Christmas
Level 93: Iron grid
Level 94: Bite the bullet
Level 95: Know my way around
Level 96: Hang in there
Level 97: The coast is clear
Level 98: Side splitting laughter
Level 99: On the dot
Level 100: Looking high and low

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