A Phrase Game – Guess the Catchphrases Answers all Levels

Do you know all phrases? Find the solution and answers here. A Phrase Game – Guess the Catchphrases is created by ThinkCube Inc. and is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices. If you are stuck and need help you can find the guide right here. We will help you answering all levels!!

level 51-100 –>>

Level 1: Order online
Level 2: From bad to worse
Level 3: Merry go around
Level 4: No mans land
Level 5: Opportunity knocks
Level 6: The lot thickens
Level 7: Time is money
Level 8: White board
Level 9: Zip code
Level 10: The rolling stones
Level 11: Abondon hope
Level 12: Clear conscience
Level 13: Up for grabs
Level 14: Top dog
Level 15: Falling asleep
Level 16: Get on board
Level 17: Back to back victories
Level 18: Root canal
Level 19: Deep in a trance
Level 20: Catty corner
Level 21: Corporate Downsizing
Level 22: Spring is in the air
Level 23: Close Quarters
Level 24: Read between the lines
Level 25: Walking encyclopidia
Level 26: A meeting of the minds
Level 27: Lines of communication
Level 28: Desperate measures
Level 29: Nose to the grindstone
Level 30: Diamong rings
Level 31: Less talk and more action
Level 32: Information highway
Level 33: Shifting gears
Level 34: Wraparound sunglasses
Level 35: Shooting an eye out
Level 36: Double or nothing
Level 37: Thea ayes have it
Level 38: Over and over again
Level 39: Turning up the heat
Level 40: Theres no end to it
Level 41: Call of duty
Level 42: The addams family
Level 43: A barrel of laughs
Level 44: Shrinking economy
Level 45: Having second thoughts
Level 46: Backstab
Level 47: Skinny dipping
Level 48: Dark room
Level 49: Two under par
Level 50: Eiffel tower

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