What’s the Picture: Scratch It – Answers Movies Hero

What’s the Picture: Scratch It – Answers, Cheats and Solutions are available and online. This puzzle game is created by Amphibius Developers and is available for Android devices. When you are stuck and really need help you can find help over here. Can’t you beat the quizzes? We have all answers from all levels available and you can find below the answers for level Movies Hero.

1. Morpheus
2. Blade
3. John Rambo
4. Joker
5. Aragon
6. Sweeney Yodd
7. Darth vader
8. Vito Carleone
9. King Leonidas
10. John Mcclane
11. Ace Ventura
12. Jack Sparrow
13. Freddy Kruger
14. Jason
15. James Bond
16. Paul
17. Predator
18. Dr. Evil
19. Terminator
20. Optimus Prime
21. Dr. Hannibal Lector
22. Tony Montana
23. Indiana Jones
24. Han Solo
25. Harry Potter
26. Darth Maul
27. Yoda
28. Agent Smith
29. Gollum
30. Wolverine

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