All answers What’s the Emoji? Witty are available on www.helpandwalkthrough.com. Because the order can be different the YouTube movie is also online. Just to make sure you will get the correct answer.

Level 1: Be right back
Level 2: Good point
Level 3: Around the clock
Level 4: Pros versus cons
Level 5: Lightyear
Level 6: Princess bride
Level 7: American express
Level 8: Square dance
Level 9: Wise guy
Level 10: Baggy pants
Level 11: Car accident
Level 12: Morocco
Level 13: Engaged
Level 14: Cookie cutter
Level 15: Family ties
Level 16: Disney world
Level 17: Eye candy
Level 18: Time out
Level 19: Over the hill
Level 20: Los Angeles
Level 21: Bow and arrow
Level 22: Sound of music
Level 23: Bear down
Level 24: Angry birds
Level 25: Trophy wife
Level 26: Manhole
Level 27: Cowbell
Level 28: Lady luck
Level 29: Christmas carol
Level 30: Silence of the lambs
Level 31: Break the ice
Level 32: Wait and see
Level 33: Wine and dine
Level 34: Honey bunny
Level 35: Donut hole
Level 36: Sundown
Level 37: Baby talk
Level 38: In n out burger
Level 39: Eye on the prize
Level 40: Planet Hollywood
Level 41: Coed baby shower
Level 42: Sugar daddy
Level 43: Fire alarm
Level 44: Kentucky derby
Level 45: Road rage
Level 46: Call the shots
Level 47: King of the hill
Level 48: Mercedes Benz
Level 49: Cocktail party
Level 50: Girls night out

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