Man of steel walkthrough

Man of Steel is available on Android and iOS. To help you through all levels we have a walkthrough available for you. Almost the same like a cheat but just to help you.

Level/part 1 Invasion

Level/part 2 Smallville

Level/part 3 Super soldier

Level/part 4 Super soldier

Level/part 5 Reinforcement

Level/part 6 Super soldier 2

Level/part 7 Car vex

Level/part 8 Exo drone

Level/part 9 Super soldier III

Level/part 10 Namek

Level/part 11 Exo drone rush

Level/part 12 Super soldier IV

Level/part 13 Faora

Level/part 14 Kryptonian rush

Level/part 15 Car-Vex Returns

Level/part 16
Level/part 17
Level/part 18
Level/part 19
Level/part 20

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