Level 61-80 Clue

Clue Pics – Guess the Saying? answers are online!
You know all your catchphrases? Are you able to crack the clue from the icon pics & guess what it’s saying? If you are stuck we want to help you! Intelligent answers is the best way 😉

Level 61: Hit the roof
Level 62: American beauty
Level 63: Black hawk down
Level 64: Back to the future
Level 65: Drad me to hell
Level 66: Great barrier reef
Level 67: Kate Winslet
Level 68: Red square
Level 69: Harrison Ford
Level 70: Me against all odd
Level 71: Up in the air
Level 72: Burst your bubble
Level 73: Caught in the act
Level 74: Friday the thirteenth
Level 75: The last Samurai
Level 76: First blood
Level 77: Vantage point
Level 78: Britney Spears
Level 79: Marilyn Monroe
Level 80: Golden gate bridge

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