Level 101-120 Clue

Clue Pics – Guess the Saying? answers are online!
You know all your catchphrases? Are you able to crack the clue from the icon pics & guess what it’s saying? If you are stuck we want to help you! Intelligent answers is the best way 😉

Level 101: Angelina Jolie
Level 102: Albert Einstein
Level 103: Leonardo Dicaprio
Level 104: Expendables
Level 105: Rule of thumbs
Level 106: Saving grace
Level 107: Top gun
Level 108: White house down
Level 109: I Robot
Level 110: Terminator
Level 111: Keep me in the loop
Level 112: The green mile
Level 113: Mike Tyson
Level 114: Acropolis
Level 115: The sixth sense
Level 116: Argo
Level 117: That’s a big plus
Level 118: Matt Damon
Level 119: The pursuit of happyness
Level 120: Owen Wilson

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