Celebrity quiz – Guess the star! Pack 2

Do you know all celebrities? Do you recognize all stars from Hollywood? Find all answers over here.
People become celebrities in a wide range of ways, movies, media, fame, fortune.
In this game you have to guess which celebrity it is. We help you with all solutions if you are stuck. Find level pack 2 below.

Level 1: Michael Jackson
Level 2: 50 Cent
Level 3: Kylie Minogue
Level 4: Paul Newman
Level 5: Kesha
Level 6: Hugh Hefner
Level 7: George Bush
Level 8: Naomi Campbell
Level 9: Vin Diesel
Level 10: Mariah Carey
Level 11: Elton John
Level 12: Prince William
Level 13: Goldie Hawn
Level 14: Jackie Chan
Level 15: Larry King
Level 16: Usher
Level 17: Victoria
Level 18: Robert Downey Jr
Level 19: Harry Styles
Level 20: Gwyneth Paltrow
Level 21: Vince Vaughn
Level 22: Nicki Minaj
Level 23: Tom Cruise
Level 24: Demi Moore
Level 25: Shakespeare