Level 21-40

All answers In Yo’ Face – Zoomed In Celebrity Photo Game!!
In this game you have to guess famous celebs from zoomed in pictures. We show you every picture with the name of the celebs who it is. Every answer is available!

Level 21: Mila Kunis
Level 22: Jordan
Level 23: Kendra
Level 24: Tina Fey
Level 25: Whoopi
Level 26: Ryan Seacrest
Level 27: Lebron
Level 28: Charlie Sheen
Level 29: Robert Pattinson
Level 30: Robin Williams

Level 31: George Clooney
Level 32: Denzel
Level 33: Sandra Bullock
Level 34: J Lo
Level 35: Jessica Alba
Level 36: Britney Spears
Level 37: Kate Upton
Level 38: Dakota
Level 39: Ellen
Level 40: Timberlake