Guess the Wrestler Quiz Game Answers

Guess the Wrestler Quiz Game Answers, cheats and solutions. Game is developed by Filip Tusla and available for iOS devices. Stuck and need help? Find answers here.

Check out The Official Destination for WWE Superstars to check the pictures of all wrestlers.

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Wrestler 1: Ryback
Wrestler 2: Hornswoggle
Wrestler 3: Jeff Hardy
Wrestler 4: Chris Jericho
Wrestler 5:
Wrestler 6:
Wrestler 7:
Wrestler 8:
Wrestler 9:
Wrestler 10:
Wrestler 11:
Wrestler 12:
Wrestler 13:
Wrestler 14:
Wrestler 15:
Wrestler 16:
Wrestler 17:
Wrestler 18:
Wrestler 19:
Wrestler 20: