Icon Mania Guess who? Level 4

All answers for Icon Mania Guess who are available and online. This game is for android and iphone. Game is created by The Wild Labs and you have to answer more than 100+ levels. So if you need answers just check our website. You can find all levels over here. Find level 4 below, all 32 answers are online.

Level 4-1: Kermit
Level 4-2: Zorro
Level 4-3: Leonardo
Level 4-4: Garfield
Level 4-5: Johnny Bravo
Level 4-6: Speed racer
Level 4-7: Cheshire cat
Level 4-8: Zelda
Level 4-9: Rainbow Dash
Level 4-10: Bad piggies
Level 4-11: Bert
Level 4-12: Leela
Level 4-13: Robin Hood
Level 4-14: Kenny
Level 4-15: Optimus Prime
Level 4-16: Jessie
Level 4-17: Peter Pan
Level 4-18: Woody
Level 4-19: Cosmo
Level 4-20: Megaman Big
Level 4-21: Batman
Level 4-22: The Smurfs
Level 4-23: Link
Level 4-24: Wanda
Level 4-25: Popeye
Level 4-26: Astro Boy
Level 4-27: Zoidberg
Level 4-28: Aang
Level 4-29: Mighty Mouse
Level 4-30: Woody Woodpecker
Level 4-31: Samus Aran
Level 4-32: Ken

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