Song Quiz Answers, Solutions and Cheats level 1-100

Song Quiz Answers, solutions and cheats are available, level #1 till #300. Do you know all musicians? Do you recognize all songs if you see a small lyric? You can use hints but we are gonna help you with full answers. Just easy and no cost of money because everything is free. Game is created by Apprope like they already created Fotoquiz, 2 pics 1 answer, Guess the word. It is a new app by Apprope for Android, Amazon and Windows phone.
Find below level 1 till and including level 100.

Level 1: Call Me Maybe
Level 2: Halo
Level 3: Poker Face
Level 4: I kissed a Girl
Level 5: We Are Young
Level 6: Boyfriend
Level 7: Gangnam Style
Level 8: Yellow Submarine
Level 9: Get Lucky

Level 10: I gotta Feeling
Level 11: Wake Me Up
Level 12: Toxic
Level 13: Hero
Level 14: Ironic
Level 15: Bang Bang
Level 16: End of time
Level 17: Starships
Level 18: Bad Romance
Level 19: Some nights

Level 20: Dancing Queen
Level 21: When I Was Your Man
Level 22: Hollaback Girl
Level 23: Video Games
Level 24: Ignition
Level 25: Torn
Level 26: Girl On Fire
Level 27: Linger
Level 28: Stop and stare
Level 29: Papa don’t preach

Level 30: Girlfriend
Level 31: Money
Level 32: Applause
Level 33: Roxanne
Level 34: Love Me Again
Level 35: Don’t wake me Up
Level 36: Brilliant Disguise
Level 37: Boys and girls
Level 38: Take A Bow
Level 39: Best Song ever

Level 40: Closer
Level 41: All summer song
Level 42: All you need is love
Level 43: Let her go
Level 44: I won’t give up
Level 45: Young
Level 46: Impossible
Level 47: Twilight
Level 48: The promise
Level 49: Greatest day

Level 50: Sorry
Level 51: I’m glad you came
Level 52: Counting stars
Level 53: So sick
Level 54: crazy
Level 55: Maneater
Level 56: Dancing in the dark
Level 57: Sexyback
Level 58: So good to me
Level 59: Star girl

Level 60: Patience
Level 61: PRomises
Level 62: Someone like you
Level 63: Get around
Level 64: Bulletproof
Level 65: Lights
Level 66: I’m not alone
Level 67: Fight for your right
Level 68: Sex on Fire
Level 69: So What

Level 70: A moment like this
Level 71: Like toy soldiers
Level 72: Get right
Level 73: Lyla
Level 74: Here comes the sun
Level 75: I’ll be ok
Level 76: Push the buton
Level 77: Gold
Level 78: You raise me up
Level 79: Hung up

Level 80: That’s my goal
Level 81: Who’s David
Level 82: Hard to love
Level 83: Sailing
Level 84: Where is the Love
Level 85: Slow
Level 86: Leave right now
Level 87: Hole in the head
Level 88: HEy Porsche
Level 89: Yeah yeah

Level 90: Lego House
Level 91: I Try
Level 92: One shot
Level 93: Iris
Level 94: Skyfall
Level 95: One tim
Level 96: Cry me out
Level 97: Stay too long
Level 98: Try
Level 99: Sos
Level 100: Promise this

Level 101-200–>>>

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