Zoom! Answers – Magnified Pics Level 101-150

Zoom! – Magnified Pics all Answers, cheats and solutions are online. We already had placed the Dutch version but now we also got the English version. Zoom! – Magnified Pics is a game for iPhone and iPad created by Gabriel Silviu Stefan.
In this game you have to guess zoomed in pictures. You get a picture of an object, animal or person and you have to guess what it is. Because it is sometimes very difficult to see what it is we are going to help you, we have all the answers available and we want to share them with you. Find the solution if you are stuck and do not know what to do.

Level 101: Abacus
Level 102: Butterfly
Level 103: Candle
Level 104: Clownfish
Level 105: Fingerprint
Level 106: Garlic
Level 107: Coin
Level 108: Pasta
Level 109: Chess
Level 110: Charcoal
Level 111: Eagle
Level 112: Concertina
Level 113: Earrings
Level 114: Water lily
Level 115: Peacock
Level 116: Glasses
Level 117: Pomegranate
Level 118: Golf
Level 119: Lasagne
Level 120: Panda
Level 121: Hair dryer
Level 122: Pistachios
Level 123: Wasp
Level 124: Lipstick
Level 125: Tennis
Level 126: Jellyfish
Level 127: Walnut
Level 128: Tire
Level 129: Salamander
Level 130: Lighter
Level 131: Lily
Level 132: Salami
Level 133: Tiara
Level 134: Stamps
Level 135: Waterfall
Level 136: Turkey
Level 137: Sunflower
Level 138: Salmon
Level 139: Pen
Level 140: Olives
Level 141: Paintbrush
Level 142: Hot dog
Level 143: Big Ben
Level 144: Giraffe
Level 145: Hard disk
Level 146: Belt
Level 147: Compass
Level 148: Cheetah
Level 149: Umbrella
Level 150: Brownie