Logo Quiz! Deluxe Answers Level 3

Logo Quiz! Deluxe Answers and Solutions. Our helpful walkthrough will help you when you are stuck and need help.
Logo Quiz! Deluxe is created by Candy Logo and is available at Google play store for Android devices. This Logo quiz features logos from all categories; from cars to fashion, entertainment, food industry, education and sports!

You can find Logo Quiz! Deluxe Answers Level 3 below, use it if you get stuck and need help.

Level 3-1: Nespresso
Level 3-2: 7-Eleven
Level 3-3: Coca-Cola
Level 3-4: Dunkin Donuts
Level 3-5: Cartoon Network
Level 3-6: Virgin
Level 3-7: GlaxoSmithKline
Level 3-8: Skype
Level 3-9: Mitsubishi
Level 3-10: Hewlett-Packard
Level 3-11: Visa
Level 3-12: Volvo
Level 3-13: Mercedes-Benz
Level 3-14: Playboy
Level 3-15: Nestle
Level 3-16: Dreamworks
Level 3-17: Tommy Hilfiger
Level 3-18: Fred Perry
Level 3-19: Total
Level 3-20: Hard Rock
Level 3-21: Hermes
Level 3-22: Chevron
Level 3-23: Bank of America
Level 3-24: TomTom
Level 3-25: Dr Pepper
Level 3-26: Lay’s
Level 3-27: Schweppes
Level 3-28: KitKat
Level 3-29: Milka

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