All answers What’s the Emoji? Clever are available on Because the order can be different the YouTube movie is also online. Just to make sure you will get the correct answer.

Level 1: Surfs up
Level 2: Kiss from a rose
Level 3: Keynote speaker
Level 4: Eight track tape
Level 5: Anteater
Level 6: Laughing stock
Level 7: Bread winner
Level 8: Midnight in Paris
Level 9: Christmas gift
Level 10: Bus stop
Level 11: Ninja turtles
Level 12: Firm handshake
Level 13: Key to my heart
Level 14: Midnight snack
Level 15: Dark chocolate
Level 16: Queen of hearts
Level 17: Fortune cookie
Level 18: Freebie
Level 19: Cowboy
Level 20: Cat fight
Level 21: Notre dame
Level 22: Watch dog
Level 23: Horsepower
Level 24: In plain sight
Level 25: Rocket fuel
Level 26: Angel investor
Level 27: Cougar town
Level 28: Pins and needles
Level 29: Shooting star
Level 30: Beauty queen
Level 31: Pianist
Level 32: Sound off
Level 33: Mailbox
Level 34: Act fast
Level 35: Diamond in the rough
Level 36: Funny bunny
Level 37: Tropical drink
Level 38: Man of the house
Level 39: Smell the roses
Level 40: American dream
Level 41: Gome of thrones
Level 42: Love at first sight
Level 43: B team
Level 44: Warm and toasty
Level 45: Head over heels
Level 46: Sick as a dog
Level 47: Fish and chips
Level 48: Baseball diamond
Level 49: Dance with wolves
Level 50: Goodbye kiss

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