Level 121-140 Who said that? Catchphrase

Can you remember who said that? Can you remember who said that sentence?
If you can’t remember we are here to help you…. Find answers level 121 till and including level 140 over here.

Level 121: Whitney Houston – “Hell to the no!”
Level 122: Bob the Builder – “Can we fix it? Yeah we can!”
Level 123: Mr. T – “I pity the fool”
Level 124: Al Bundy – “Let’s rock”
Level 125: Dwayne Nelson – “Hey hey hey”
Level 126: Cleveland Brown – “Oh that’s nasty”
Level 127: Chester Riley – “What a revoltin’ development this is!”
Level 128: Yosemite Sam – “This town ain’t a big enoug for the two of us!”
Level 129: Gandalf – “You shall not pass”
Level 130: Marcia Brady – “Oh my nose”

Level 131: Tweety – “I tawt a taw a puddy tat! I did! I did taw a puddy tat!”
Level 132: Comic book guy – “Worst episode ever”
Level 133: Daffy Duck – “Mine mine mine it’s all mine”
Level 134: Phil Keoghan – “I’m sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race”
Level 135: Felix Unger – “Never assume…”
Level 136: Sailor Moon – “In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!”
Level 137: Foghorn Leghorn – “Pay attenton boy!”
Level 138: Ricky Ricardo – “You got some ‘splainin’ to do”
Level 139: Sgt. Esterhaus – “Let’s be careful out there”
Level 140: Timothy Leary – “Turn on, tune in, drop out”

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