Level 31-60 Guess The Band Answers

Answers level 31-60 Guess The Band.
Guess The Band is an other game by Edward Moyse. You have to guess which band is playing the song you here. We have all answers for you! So please check our website to find them.

Level 31: R.E.M.
Level 32: Nelly Furtado
Level 33: Goo Goo Dolls
Level 34: Florence
Level 35: Calvin Harris
Level 36: ACDC
Level 37: Marvin Gaye
Level 38: Beyonce
Level 39: The Verve
Level 40: Arctic Monkeys
Level 41: Elton John
Level 42: Michael Buble
Level 43: Madonna
Level 44: Britney Spears
Level 45: Psy
Level 46: Jimi Hendrix
Level 47: Jason Mraz
Level 48: Prodigy
Level 49: Guns N Roses
Level 50: One Direction
Level 51: R Kelly
Level 52: MC Hammer
Level 53: Queen
Level 54: Taylor Swift
Level 55: Kylie MInogue
Level 56: Eminem
Level 57: Madonna
Level 58: Rihanna
Level 59: Snoop Dogg
Level 60: Enrique Iglesias
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