Level 61-80 Music artist

Wubu Guess the Music Artist answers are online!! Don’t you know all 118 levels?? Find them all over here!

Level 61: Puff Daddy
Level 62: David Guetta
Level 63: Vanessa
Level 64: Led Zeppelin
Level 65: Tinie
Level 66: Jayz
Level 67: Fergie
Level 68: Robbie
Level 69: Tom Jones
Level 70: Sugarray

Level 71: The Script
Level 72: Sinatra
Level 73: Sia
Level 74: Chris Browm
Level 75: Backstreet
Level 76: Eric Clapton
Level 77: Taio Cruz
Level 78: Shakira
Level 79: George
Level 80: Bon Jovi

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