Level 2 Logo Quiz

Answers level 2 Iconmania Guess the Icon Logo Quiz are available! It’s like a walkthrough, we want to help you by give you every answer. With all these helpfull answers you will bring this puzzle to a successful end. We want to help you to finish the game.
The game is developed by Nisavac Wallpapersand.

Picture 0: Canada
Picture 1: Tokyo
Picture 2: Bambi
Picture 3: Rio De Janeiro
Picture 4: Bart
Picture 5: Rocke Foller
Picture 6: George W Bush
Picture 7: India
Picture 8: New York
Picture 9: Will Smith
Picture 10: Twitter
Picture 11: Forrest Gump
Picture 12: Parton
Picture 13: Franklin
Picture 14: The Brain
Picture 15: Superman
Picture 16: Cairo
Picture 17: JF Kennedy
Picture 18: Robocop
Picture 19: Mexico
Picture 20: Lord of the Rings
Picture 21: United Kingdom
Picture 22: Word
Picture 23: IBM
Picture 24: Land Rover
Picture 25: Esso
Picture 26: Stuart
Picture 27: Now you see me
Picture 28: Pacific Rim
Picture 29: Men in Black
Picture 30: Rush
Picture 31: Best Buy
Picture 32: Istanbul
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