Level 12 242-265

Please find all answers/solutions for Icon/ico pop song level 12 below. We want you to help with the right answer if you are really in doubt. You can see it as a cheat but our idea is to help you to go to next level.

Find answers level 12 below.

Level 242: Womanizer
Level 243: California love
Level 244: Adam Lambert
Level 245: Santeria
Level 246: My first kiss
Level 247: One more night
Level 248: Gnarls Barkley
Level 249: Justin Bieber
Level 250: Prince
Level 251: Sound of silence
Level 252: Mariah Carey
Level 253: Don’t cha
Level 254: Take care
Level 255: Hips don’t lie
Level 256: Gorillaz
Level 257: The fray
Level 258: Stereo love
Level 259: Same love
Level 260: Boyz II men
Level 261: Sia
Level 262: The script
Level 263: The way
Level 264: Radio-active
Level 265: Gwen Stefani

Please be aware the order can be different in your game. We took a Youtube movie for example but in your game this order can be totally different!!
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