Level 3

Emoji Pop answer, solutions and cheats level 3 are findable on our site!
Be aware, below is the order of following Youtube movie. This can be totally different in your game!

Puzzle 25: Bridal shower
Puzzle 26: Milkshake
Puzzle 27: Moonwalk
Puzzle 28: Family tree
Puzzle 29: Life of pi
Puzzle 30: Love boat
Puzzle 31: Happy hour
Puzzle 32: Eye candy
Puzzle 33: Air mail
Puzzle 34: Queen of hearts
Puzzle 35: New york times
Puzzle 36: Pizza box
Puzzle 37: Fire truck
Puzzle 38: Harry Potter
Puzzle 39: Candy Crush
Puzzle 40: Mute
Puzzle 41: Smoking gun
Puzzle 42: Fish and chips
Puzzle 43: Love letter
Puzzle 44: Skittles