Guess that animal answers Level 41-60

Guess that animal is created by Fun Cool Free. Do you recognize all animals? Of you don’t all names of the animals you can find the answers below. If it’s not clear this is the solution. We just want to help you to next level. Find below level 41 till and including level 60.

Level 41: Lion
Level 42: Lizard
Level 43: Mole
Level 44: Mongoose
Level 45: Monkey
Level 46: Moose
Level 47: Mouse
Level 48: Mule
Level 49: Ostrich
Level 50: Owl
Level 51: Ox
Level 52: Panda
Level 53: Penguin
Level 54: Pigeon
Level 55: Polar bear
Level 56: Pony
Level 57: Puppy
Level 58: Rabbit
Level 59: Raccoon
Level 60: Rat

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