Icon Mania Guess who? Level 2

All answers for Icon Mania Guess who are available and online. This game is for android and iphone. Game is created by The Wild Labs and you have to answer more than 100+ levels. So if you need answers just check our website. You can find all levels over here.

Level 2-1: Captain America
Level 2-2: Elmo
Level 2-3: Buzz Lightyear
Level 2-4: Charlie Brown
Level 2-5: Winnie The Pooh
Level 2-6: Fry
Level 2-7: Snow White
Level 2-8: Mike
Level 2-9: Shrek
Level 2-10: Goofy
Level 2-11: Spongebob
Level 2-12: Sully
Level 2-13: Domo Kun
Level 2-14: Mr. Potato Head
Level 2-15: Jack Sparrow
Level 2-16: Green Lantern
Level 2-17: Flintstones
Level 2-18: Genie
Level 2-19: Hulk
Level 2-20: R2 D2
Level 2-21: Wreck it Ralph
Level 2-22: Patrick Star
Level 2-23: Yoda
Level 2-24: Yoshi
Level 2-25: Tinker Bell
Level 2-26: Dilbert
Level 2-27: Little Green Men
Level 2-28: Thor
Level 2-29: Eeyore
Level 2-30: Betty Boop
Level 2-31: Pikachu
Level 2-32: Kirby

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