Guess the 2000s quiz answers Level 3

Guess the 2000s quiz answers are online. Find them all here. Game is created for iphone, ipad, ios and android devices. We will help you with all solutions. If you are stuck you are on the right place.
Find Level 3 below.

Level 3-1: June
Level 3-2: Kim Kardashian
Level 3-3: Baby alive
Level 3-4: Even Stevens
Level 3-5: Zhu zhu pets
Level 3-6: Razor
Level 3-7: Wikipedia
Level 3-8: 28 days later
Level 3-9: Barack Obama
Level 3-10: Max Payne
Level 3-11: Donnie Darko
Level 3-12: Justin Timberlake
Level 3-13: The real Slim shady
Level 3-14: Elijah Wood
Level 3-15: Channing Tatum
Level 3-16: Project runway
Level 3-17: Derek Jeter
Level 3-18: New era
Level 3-19: Ipad
Level 3-20: The dark knight

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