Level 21-40 Who said that? Catchphrase

Can you remember who said that? Can you remember who said that sentence?
If you can’t remember we are here to help you…. Find answers level 21 till and including level 40 over here.

Level 21: Ramones – “Gabba gabba hey”
Level 22: Henry Pollard – “Are we having fun yet?”
Level 23: Todd Beamer – “Let’s roll”
Level 24: Regis Philbin – “Is that your final answer?”
Level 25: Ash Ketchum – “Pikachu, I choose you!”
Level 26: Skittles – “Taste the rainbow”
Level 27: The Munchkins – “Ding dong, the witch is dead”
Level 28: Eddie Haskell – “Gee, Mrs. Cleaver ….”
Level 29: Edward Murrow – “Good night and good luck”
Level 30: Spongebob – “I’m ready”

Level 31: David Banner – Don’t make me angry ….”
Level 32: Steve Martin – “Excuse me!”
Level 33: Tattoo – “De plane de plane”
Level 34: Shaggy – “Zoiks”
Level 35: The Borg – “Resistance is futile”
Level 36: Goku – “Kaa meyy haa meyy haa!”
Level 37: Juliet Capulet – “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?”
Level 38: Han Solo – “May the force be with you”
Level 39: Johnny Olson – “Come on down”
Level 40: Tin Man – “If I only had a heart”

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