Comic Quiz Level 2 all answers

Are you looking for all answers of all levels of the Comic Quiz? You are on the right site! Comic Quiz is created by Peter Gilmour to play on android, ipad and iphone devices. You have to guess all the comic book characters and if you are stuck you can use the help. But we also want to give you help, that’s why you can find all answers below. We have all solutions available just to be your guide. Find below level 2.

Answer 1: Cyborg
Answer 2: Invisible Woman
Answer 3: Jubilee
Answer 4: Cable
Answer 5: Longshot
Answer 6: Magma
Answer 7: Static
Answer 8: Jean Grey
Answer 9: Ghost Rider
Answer 10: Spawn
Answer 11: Dead shot
Answer 12: Gambit
Answer 13: Atom
Answer 14: Supergirl
Answer 15: Hawkeye
Answer 16: Preacher
Answer 17: Animalman
Answer 18: Huntress
Answer 19: Antman
Answer 20: Savagedragon

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