4 Little Squares answers level 3

All answers for 4 little squares you can find here. This game for ipad, iphone and android is created by Second gear games. Can’t you guess all the words if you see the 4 small pics? Just check out our website. We help you to solve every puzzle. Find every correct word below.
Find here level 3.

Level 3-1: Refrigerator
Level 3-2: Scale
Level 3-3: Grasshopper
Level 3-4: Tent
Level 3-5: Lantern
Level 3-6: Vulture
Level 3-7: Gift
Level 3-8: Coffee pot
Level 3-9: Snail
Level 3-10: Door handle
Level 3-11: Cat
Level 3-12: Bus
Level 3-13: Drill
Level 3-14: Flag
Level 3-15: Meerkat
Level 3-16: Spider
Level 3-17: Stethoscope
Level 3-18: Bucket
Level 3-19: Pigeon
Level 3-20: Microscope