Icon Mania Guess who? Level 1

All answers for Icon Mania Guess who are available and online. This game is for android and iphone. Game is created by The Wild Labs and you have to answer more than 100+ levels. So if you need answers just check our website. Let’s start with level 1, find all 16 answers/levels below.

Level 1-1: Hello Kitty
Level 1-2: Blossom
Level 1-3: Minion
Level 1-4: Jake
Level 1-5: Peter
Level 1-6: Wolverine
Level 1-7: Alvin
Level 1-8: Bender
Level 1-9: Superman
Level 1-10: Stewie
Level 1-11: Avatar
Level 1-12: Iron Man
Level 1-13: Megamind
Level 1-14: Ryu
Level 1-15: Yogi Bear
Level 1-16: Aladdin

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