Level 1-20 Who said that? Catchphrase

Can you remember who said that? Can you remember who said that sentence?
If you can’t remember we are here to help you…. Find answers level 1 till and including level 20 over here.

Level 1: Homer Simpson – “D’oh”
Level 2: Sheldon Cooper – “Bazinga”
Level 3: Fred Flintstone – “Yabba dabba doo!”
Level 4: Howie Mandel – “Deal or no deal”
Level 5: Mr. Spock – “Live longer and prosper”
Level 6: Joey Tribbiani – “How you doin”
Level 7: Barney Stinson – “It’s going to be lege… Wiat for it, Dary!”
Level 8: Glenn Quagmire – “Giggity giggity”
Level 9: Bart Simpson – “Eat my shorts”
Level 10: Stanley – “Stellaaaa!”

Level 11: Ryan Seacrest – “This is American idol”
Level 12: Anne Robinson – “You are the weakest link, goodbye”
Level 13: Donald Trump – “You’re fired”
Level 14: Jigsaw – “I want to play a game”
Level 15: Russell Peters – “Be a man, do the right thing”
Level 16: The Joker – “Why so serious”
Level 17: Barack Obama – “Yes we can”
Level 18: Krusty the Clown – “Hey! Hey! Kids!”
Level 19: Hank Kingsley – “Hey now!”
Level 20: Borat – “I like you, I like sex, it’s nice”

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