Level 61-80

All answers In Yo’ Face – Zoomed In Celebrity Photo Game!!
In this game you have to guess famous celebs from zoomed in pictures. We show you every picture with the name of the celebs who it is. Every answer is available!

Level 61: Blake Lively
Level 62: Kobe Bryant
Level 63: Madonna
Level 64: Jeniffer Aniston
Level 65: Aaron Eckhart
Level 66: Ashton Kutcher
Level 67: Venus Williams
Level 68: Witherspoon
Level 69: Chris Brown
Level 70: Danica

Level 71: Zooey
Level 72: Owen Wilson
Level 73: Daniel Craig
Level 74: Snooki
Level 75: Rihanna
Level 76: Joe Jonas
Level 77: Gisele
Level 78: Cameron Diaz
Level 79: Emma Stone
Level 80: Ben Affleck