To solve Tiny we show you all 10 levels which are in Tiny. We want you to help if one level from Tiny is to hard and to difficult. If you already tried this level too many times this is a wonderfull help.We want to help you with this good and learnfull gameplay to make you smarter and bring you a level further.
Be aware our solution is the only option to finish this level.

Level 1
Level 1 Tiny
Level 2
Level 2 Tiny
Level 3
Level 3 Tiny
Level 4
Level 4 Tiny
Level 5
Level 5 Tiny
Level 6
Level 6 Tiny
Level 7
Level 7 Tiny
Level 8
Level 8 Tiny
Level 9
Level 9 Tiny
Level 10
Level 10 Tiny