Whats the show set 1

Can you remember all the shows from the nineties? It began on january 1 1990 and ended december 31 1999. There were a lot of shows on television, do you remember all of them or you need some help?
Find all answers over here from the game which has been created by James Porter.
Let’s start with set 1.

Level 1: Seinfeld
Level 2: Doogie Howser
Level 3: Family Matters
Level 4: Lois and Clark
Level 5: Save by the bell
Level 6: The x files
Level 7: Home improvement
Level 8: Felicity
Level 9: ER
Level 10: 90210
Level 11: Party of five
Level 12: Oz
Level 13: Spin city
Level 14: Baywatch
Level 15: Frasier
Level 16: Twin peaks
Level 17: Nypd blue
Level 18: Weird science
Level 19: The drew carey show
Level 20: 7the heaven
Level 21: Freaks and geeks
Level 22: Highlander
Level 23: La femme Nikita
Level 24: Dawson creek
Level 25: Dharma and greg

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