Hollow Music answers Level 1

All answers from all sets of Hollow Music are online, just find them over here. “Hollow Words” and “Hollow Films” is also created by the same developer “James Porter” . If you think you are a music expert you have to play this game, do you recognize all artists, songs, or bands? If you don’t check out our website. If you are stuck you are on the right website. We will help you with the correct answer and you can move on to next puzzle song. Find below level/set 1.

Set 1-1: Purple Rain
Set 1-2: Matchbox Twenty
Set 1-3: Get up stand up
Set 1-4: Born in the USA
Set 1-5: Carrie Underwood
Set 1-6: Eminem
Set 1-7: Rocket Man
Set 1-8: Duran Duran
Set 1-9: California Girls
Set 1-10: Yellow Submarine
Set 1-11: A day in the life
Set 1-12: Under pressure
Set 1-13: Get Back
Set 1-14: Summertime Blues
Set 1-15: Bird on a Wire
Set 1-16: Bennie and the Jets
Set 1-17: Jay Z
Set 1-18: Waiting for a Superman
Set 1-19: Broken social scene
Set 1-20: Up around the bend
Set 1-21: Blind melon
Set 1-22: Green Day
Set 1-23: Let’s Stay together
Set 1-24: Five for Fighting
Set 1-25: Pink

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