Level 1 – 50 Brainy

What’s the saying.
Please find below all answers level 1 till and including level 50 from Brainy. There may be differences in sequence so please keep an eye on the picture.

Go with flow Cup of tea Two and a half men
Overwhelming odds Bees knees Money bags
Part time job Sense of urgency Early riser
Spaced out Washed up One down and nine to go
Round Robin tournament Space probes Singing the blues
Apple turnover Want for nothing Little boy blue
Chain store Too much of a good thing Orange slices
Eye on the ball No worse for wear Roll with the punches
Cherry pie Rest in peace All night long
Close finish Put your dukes up Stack the odds
Come to ones senses Pound of flesh Mixed reviews
Loss for words Cat scan Fish out of water
All star game Artic circle Poker face
Play for keeps Disorderly conduct Crop circles
Read between the lines Spring break Short story
Background check Deep dish pizza Small claims court
Eyes on the future Outside chance

Level 1: Go with flow
Level 2: Cup of tea
Level 3: Two and a half men
Level 4: Overwhelming odds
Level 5: Bees knees
Level 6: Money bags
Level 7: Part time job
Level 8: Sense of urgency
Level 9: Early riser
Level 10: Spaced out
Level 11: Washed up
Level 12: One down and nine to go
Level 13: Round Robin tournament
Level 14: Space probes
Level 15: Singing the blues
Level 16: Apple turnover
Level 17: Want for nothing
Level 18: Little boy blue
Level 19: Chain store
Level 20: Too much of a good thing
Level 21: Orange slices
Level 22: Eye on the ball
Level 23: No worse for wear
Level 24: Roll with the punches
Level 25: Cherry pie
Level 26: Rest in peace
Level 27: All night long
Level 28: Close finish
Level 29: Put your dukes up
Level 30: Stack the odds
Level 31: Come to ones senses
Level 32: Pound of flesh
Level 33: Mixed reviews
Level 34: Loss for words
Level 35: Cat scan
Level 36: Fish out of water
Level 37: All star game
Level 38: Artic circle
Level 39: Poker face
Level 40: Play for keeps
Level 41: Disorderly conduct
Level 42: Crop circles
Level 43: Read between the lines
Level 44: Spring break
Level 45: Short story
Level 46: Background check
Level 47: Deep dish pizza
Level 48: Small claims court
Level 49: Eyes on the future
Level 50: Outside chance